Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Throwing off the dock lines!

Yes, we've done it at last...thrown off the dock lines, and left our slip at Romora Bay. We've been here much, much longer than originally intended, mostly because I've been recuperating post-golf cart ejection and the resulting skull fracture/concussion/bruised ego. But as far as being stranded on an island goes...Harbour Island is the place to do it!! After three months here, I can attest that this island and the resort Romora Bay is an absolutely delightful place, and the staff first-rate. From the gorgeous landscaped grounds, to the beckoning pool area, and particularly to Sunsets Bar and Grille with its fabulous local live music, it's very hard to say good-bye. (Even to Goldie, their 57-year-old macaw, who has the most hilarious timing with her rather salty sailor swearing!) 

Goldie, at Sunsets. Her vocabulary
has a few too many words that would make a sailor blush!

It's been a memorable, memorable time here, with fun events and special moments etched in our hearts. Having been here as long as we have, we've made firm friends and know we'll always have a fabulous place to return to, over and over again! The one drawback to leaving is that internet access may be somewhat limited while we are traveling through the Exumas. I'll blog when I can, but there may be gaps in the dates! Just to give you all notice, so as not to worry if there aren't recent entries. most cruisers know, good-byes are inevitable, no matter how long or short a stay one has in any given place. Tomorrow's weather is looking lovely, so we'll head out through the Devil's Backbone and run south past Spanish Wells enroute to the Exumas, where we hope to spend most of April. Not sure if we'll tow Tingum, or if I'll use her to guide Ron aboard Equinox through the Backbone; we've gone through there countless times during our stay here and now we know the route well, so a local guide isn't truly necessary at this point. (NOTE: This is not a route to be attempted without a local guide the first time, nor run alone thereafter without first-hand local knowledge!! The Devil's Backbone is the Bahamas' most dangerous reef, and has many wrecks scattered within to prove it.)

Equinox at anchor off Romora Bay

The evening was spent saying good-bye to all the generous folks here at Harbour Island, from Marc and Rodney in the marina office, to CJ and Paige at Sunsets, along with Chris, Alvin, Lestina, Ann, Neeka, Antoine, LT, Scottland, and everyone else....a first-rate staff making sure we were happy whenever we showed up for drinks or dinner, and who took us in when we first arrived here. There's also Kenny, the top security guy at Romora Bay who  ensured our privacy and safety, from walking the grounds and marina each night to helping with dock lines during nasty winter storms. Then there is Ithalia, playing great music on Wednesdays with her nephews, to the Brilanders, to our friends Nishka and David (and good dog Ziggy), and dive instructor extraordinaire Shawne at Valentine's...the list goes on and on and on. We will miss everyone dearly!

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