Monday, March 15, 2010

Windy days and weather...

...remains the same. Pretty aggravating, when we want to dive and do things offshore, and the winds just stir things up and prevent us from doing so! Ron spent the morning working on his rescue diver coursework, while Karyn and Ally went across island to the Dunmore Beach Club to breakfast and walk the beach with our visiting friends. Unfortunately, they were leaving today after their short time here, but plans are in the offing for a rendevous in the summer!

As usual, life is full of surprises, so when Karyn went to load up the suitcases to take folks to the ferry dock, we discovered that the right rear tire on the rental cart was flat. Oh, such fun! A phone call was made to notify the rental company for the need for a repair, but time was slipping away as departure time neared! Thus, another cart was borrowed, suitcases crammed aboard, and away we went through town, stopping by Valentine's on the way so that Ron could say good-bye. It's never easy to part with friends, but it helps if life could go according to plan! Good byes were a bit rushed, but once everyone was aboard the water taxi, the borrowed cart was returned, and the rental cart's flat tire repaired. Karyn did a couple runs to and fro on Ron's bicycle to coordinate things, and thankfully, things worked out well with a minimum of fuss.

Pink Beach, looking south.

Ally and Karyn went to the beach for a bit in the afternoon, oddly getting dusted with sand in the swirling winds, even in the lee of the island. Meanwhile, Ron worked with Shawne at Valentine's, doing a good 3 hours of pool work for his Rescue Diver certification, before we all met back at the boat in late afternoon. Ally, Ron and Shawne then went out in Tingum to see what the conditions were for diving off the lee side of Eleuthera. While choppy in the harbor, the slack tidal conditions allowed for access into the caverns along the Eleuthera cliffs, which permitted the guys to make a dive at The Blow Hole, while Ally manned the tender. 

Tingum heading out to the reefs with Ally, Shawne and Ron

Found just north of the Glass Window Bridge, the Blow Hole is a 55-foot dive in a cavern carved out by the rolling swells of the Atlantic, littered with a labyrinth of boulders that have tumbled from the cliffs. Ron said they saw an amazing amount of fish life, from small juveniles of all kinds to large parrotfish and snapper, but also found the beginnings of new coral formations on the rocks and cliff debris. It sounds like a pretty cool dive -- I really was sorry I couldn't accompany them! 

The evening was spent in a fun and festive style: dancing at Sunsets to the Brilanders' Bahamian"rake and scrape" music until 8:00, followed by dinner with Shawne at The Landing (where we were lucky to find a table amidst the throngs of spring break travelers), then meeting up with friends for more dancing at Valentine's until midnight. It was a fun night, but we were all glad to retire at a decent hour. NO additional trips to Gusty's or Daddy D's tonight!! 

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