Friday, March 26, 2010

Details, details, details...

We're momentarily stateside for a few days, happily reunited with Ally again and enjoying the hospitality of good friends. While we're here for Ally's Senior Presentation at school, first and foremost, we're also trying to tie up the last few random loose ends here in Maryland. So, we've had a very high-speed day dealing with the reality of different appointments, various errands to the bank, post office, office supply store, dive store and Maryland DMV, not to mention cleaning out the dock box at the marina, and chasing down all the forwarded mail to organize the last few details of necessary paperwork for taxes. UGH! In previous years we were always finished with our taxes by now -- signed, sealed and delivered -- but between my head injury and the mail forwarding situation, we're way behind the power curve. I'm feeling very unorganized, but, we're chasing things down and are getting there! 

Making the visit even more fun is the cold rainy weather. What's with that?? Maryland in the spring is gorgeous, and yes, the forsythia is blooming, the spring peeper frogs are singing in the evening and the cardinals and robins are singing in the morning. Too bad today brought cold weather: 40 degrees and rain was falling. Tonight's low is going to be 25 degrees, thank you very much! Our friends, who suffered through all the insane depths of snow this winter, said that they haven't seen such cold weather like this in weeks. They're  claiming that we're to fault, that we've brought it with us!! Oh, yes, we're clearly the weather scapegoats, as we do bring the weather with us when we travel. Unfortunately, for the past six years or so, it's been bad weather. Prior to that, we'd always had the best, loveliest weather when we traveled, and felt so lucky. It's time the tide returned, don't you think??

In the meantime, we're watching some of the March Madness games, enjoying blazing fast internet (how unusual!) and using our cell phones, which feels decadent beyond belief to be in contact so easily. We're with good friends, and have Ally with us, so it's delightful. Just  never mind the nagging errands still hanging over our heads. There's always tomorrow!

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