Thursday, March 11, 2010

Boat neighbors and new friends!

It's the best thing about cruising: the people you meet! As proven with our dear friends aboard the Miles Aweigh, (may our paths cross again soon!) we are testament that when you have the courage to go out cruising, you meet the best folks and kindred spirits by chance and serendipity! A case in point: the crew aboard the Lexington, a gorgeous 65' Alaskan berthed in the slip next to us at Romora Bay...just another example of fine folks whom you meet simply because you cruise! Lexington's Owner Jerry and Captain Bill have been the best of pier mates here: fun, personable, and, as is usual, generous with their boat knowledge and stories! So, when they hosted some friends from Portland aboard the Lexington the past few days, the party just got larger and oh-so-fun!! 

Truly, it was delightful....on the same day as we welcomed Ally and Rachel aboard, Jerry and Bill had the company of a group of women friends who were delighted to enjoy vacation time on the water with them. (Of course, Jerry's gourmet food had nothing to do with it, I'm sure!) But, we all enjoyed being here at Harbour Island at the same time, and their cheerful enthusiasm "next door" made us all smile! 

So today, while Ron was off diving at Current Cut with Valentine's Dive Shop, Ally, Rachel and I hit the beach for some blue skies, warmth and fun. So did the ladies off the Lexington, who were ensconced on beach towels just down the shore from us! It was a day of blazing sun, interesting chatter and silly challenges to get in the chilly water. With the cool breeze, after having been in IN the water, being OUT of the water was actually the larger challenge! Ally and Rachel managed to get immersed in the cold ocean water, but did they ever race back for their towels afterwards! Oh, to be young and enjoying the moment! I think appreciated the time spent with the girls more than usual, I suspect, since I've got a precious perspective after my accident. Who knew a silly day at the beach could be so heart-warming?Tired at last of the sand and wind on the beach, we all opted for a comfy chaise lounge at the Romora Bay pool on the return to Equinox!

Pool side at Romora Bay, post beach time!

The evening was a special event in itself as we were lucky enough to have accepted a reservation to dine with the Lexington's fun group at The Rock House this evening. We had gourmet h'or doeureves aboard their boat, getting a tour and admiring their layout and amenities aboard, then proceeded en masse to the Rock House's elegant ambiance. It's a gorgeous place, and we all had a great time together, dining on the western, open-air side of the restaurant with its fabulous views over the harbor. Ron swears it was the best dinner he's had on-island! Which it was: delicious as could be -- but definitely sweetened by the company we were among!! Thanks to the crew and guests of the Lexington for a good time!!

 The group after dinner at The Rock House

The Lexington heading out to Nassau...we'll miss them!

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