Monday, March 8, 2010

Beautiful weather!

Pink Beach in the sunshine

The past couple of days have been glorious in their sunshine, and, most importantly, their light breezes. The wind has shifted, now coming more out of the northeast, so the marina is in the lee, and lovely! The girls slept in late (as planned --- they wanted to relax and revel in the freedom from classes and schedules) while Ron and I did a few errands, boat projects and boat chores. 

Yesterday afternoon, I walked with the girls to Pink Beach, since they were eager to see it for themselves after seeing the photos we've taken. Unfortunately though, the wind was  coming right along the beach, so we all got a bit sand-blasted. Despite the sun, the wind persists in being quite chilly, so we returned to Romora Bay and relaxed around the pool instead! The pool is nestled in on the hillside, facing west, so is rather protected from the northeast and easterly winds, so we enjoyed a leisurely afternoon of sun and reading books by the pool. 

We planned a quiet evening dinner aboard, prepping everything ahead of time so that we could go up to Sunsets, hear the Brilanders, dance and relax a bit before returning to the boat for a dinner of surf and turf. Of course, not everything turns out as planned! It started out as expected here at Romora Bay, dancing and enjoying the music for a couple hours with others here at the marina -- and ended up with another impromtu group aboard for dinner, as we were joined by some folks off a boat from Alaska! From there, we headed en masse to Valentine's, as the resort was hosting a great dance band, called Afro. Again, as always, it seemed that the entire island was out in force, local islanders and visitors alike! It's incredible how busy the island seems these days, with the increasing throngs of folks here on vacation and spring break!! It was a fun, fun night, and we all had on our dancing shoes! Thankfully, though, we headed back before it got too late, back aboard Equinox at decent hour. So the evening simply just wasn't as quiet or sedate as we'd anticipated it would be! But, always fun!

Today was a mix of boat projects amid pleasurable pastimes: Ron arranged for the rental of a golf cart for transportation while we have the girls here (with extreme care to be taken by all when riding!), coordinated with the water-maker folks regarding getting the infamous Clark pump here (private air frieght has been arranged!) before he went out diving with Greg off Karuna. I stayed aboard while the girls walked to the beach again; while they were out I did a bit of laundry, got a pump-out courtesy of the marina, and did other light cleaning until everyone returned.

The entrance to the brightly colored Sip Sip

The afternoon started with Ron and I taking the girls for a tour around Dunmore Town, to show them  a bit more of the island, but also to stop in at Sip Sip, one of our favorites for lunch. We had a front deck table, complete with gorgeous views of the Atlantic lapping up onto the beach; the girls enjoyed it thoroughly! From shepherds pie to homemade fish cakes with mango salsa, lobster quesadilla to grouper, we feasted on local fare that was fantastic!

Dilly Dally, one of the local boutiques

Afterwards, we made a couple more stops, letting the girls peruse the wares at a few of the island stores, getting some fruit and snacks, then stocking up on bottled water before yet another trip with the girls to the beach. Again, it was just a brief beach stop due to the chilly on-shore winds -- so repeated yesterday's agenda of lounging poolside at Romora Bay! All good, all relaxing. While we ladies lounged, Ron stayed aboard, working on coursework to upgrade his scuba certifications, as he's intending to get certified as a Rescue Diver and possibly getting certified as a Dive Master as well. 

Tonight, as the evening chill is descending upon us, we're getting ready to dine at The Landing down on Bay Street in Dunmore Town. I make no assumptions about it being a quiet night, or not! 

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