Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And Party On...Again!

We must confess, we are finding that the Bermudians are party-happy people!! We have been to party after party after party, and we are nearly toast. We're just lying low today (as are the clouds this morning) to get some boat projects done, catch up on paperwork and e-mail. Whew!!

Sunday evening we attended a birthday party for a friend of Warren's, a very nice barrister here in Bermuda. It was quite the social scene,(guests included the Governor) and it was just very lovely to meet more folks. The house that was hosting the party overlooks the south shore of Bermuda so the scenery was spectacular!! The party moved to the McHarg's later that evening, and soon we were all dancing and rocking out in the kitchen, which culminated in an impromtu Michael Jackson "memorial concert". The kids were in attendance too, so we all had a ball until way too late in the night! Whew! "Thriller" is now totally associated with that group -- too fun!! Once we finally got back to the boat, the bed never felt so good!!

Ron & Warren spent Monday morning getting some parts for the dinghy arch (a hinge pin so we can lower it to get under the harbor bridge without worry about the tide) and Warren showed Ron around the Hamilton along with some other points of interest. Christine graciously took Karyn for a quick ride to Hamilton as well, stopping by her parents' estate (amazing - huge farmstead!) before hitting the grocery market and the liquor store to re-stock the wine supplies. The roads to Hamilton are quite narrow and twisting...and everyone drives fast. Ron and I both revised our ideas about doing any bicycling around town beyond running errands!

In the evening, we hosted everyone aboard Equinox again for a cocktail cruise through Castle Harbor. The Harbor is 40' deep in most places, so it was fun to get meander about the harbor for a leisurely cruise. We moored briefly by Castle Island to enjoy the sunset and Ron's Maryland Crab Balls, which everyone raved about. They certainly disappeared quickly! It was a great evening, and before the night was out, we treated Warren and Christine to a surf-n-turf dinner aboard as a small "thank-you" for all that they've done for us. Truly, they've treated us absolutely royally and have made us feel so welcome here! It's very appreciated!

The view of the "buttery" -- ancient loo --
in the castle overlooking our cocktail mooring

Warren and Ron after mooring the boat - twins separated at birth!

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