Thursday, July 2, 2009


Entering Town Cut into St. George's Harbor

Well, we are here!! We arrived in the midst of some of the nastiest weather Bermuda has seen this summer, pouring rain and high winds. (The radar was just plain ugly; I don't know how sailors do it in such conditions. Not going to lie, we loved being snug in the pilot house.) We carefully skirted the dangerous fringing reefs to the north, and Bermuda Radio gave us clearance to enter Town Cut about 2 p.m, instructing us to tie up at Ordnance Island to clear Customs & Immigration.

Bermuda is lovely, even in the rain. Customs folks were so nice; they even complimented us on being organized and prepared with all the reams of offical & necessary information, so it went pretty quickly. Then, best of all, we met up with Ally and Alexis and Warren McHarg, who came in their dinghy to St. George's Harbor to greet us. Warren graciously guided us around the outer reef into Castle Harbor -- nothing like local knowledge! We certainly wouldn't have tried it without him aboard! Through Warren's generosity, we are now ensconced on the biggest mooring Equinox has even been on!!! It belongs to a friend of theirs, who used it to moor his 120' Swan sailing vessel, so it's clearly overkill for Equinox, but we love it! Nothing like peace of mind while here...According to Warren, this mooring is probably the best hurricane mooring on the island!!

After a quick clean-up of the boat, (unbattening the saloon furniture, etc.) we had an absolutely lovely dinner with the McHarg's at the Tuckers Point Beach Club, overlooking the Atlantic. It's a glorious view! Check it out: Christine and Warren are the consummate host and hostess; even as fatigued as we were, we ended up talking the night away!! SO GLAD TO BE HERE!!

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