Friday, July 3, 2009

Fun in the ....where's the sun?

Equinox on the mooring in Castle Harbor, Bermuda

Well, ok, so it wasn't the most perfect weather, but in between periods of clouds we did spend most of the afternoon in bright sunshine. The sun makes the waters looks incredibly blue here -- gorgeous! We're in the most wonderful anchorage, as I've mentioned, so it was not a chore to spend the day outside, cleaning all the salt off the boat. Ron and I put the bimini back up (we'd battened it down for the crossing), rinsed, washed and dried Equinox until she was clean and shiny again. The salt really wasn't too bad, with all the rain we encountered on the crossing, so things progressed pretty quickly. Ally was off with Alexis and the neighborhood kids out on the water, tubing and jet-skiing, generally enjoying being here.

Ally jet-skiing with friend Chris & cousins coming to join her

Ron and I enjoyed a quick swim after our chores, and were going to take a dinghy cruise, but with rain threatening, we opted to enjoy a cold beer on the back deck instead. Can't remember a better time to have one, after all our work! Ally returned home in the late afternoon, starving after all the swimming and activity. Dinner was a quiet family affair -- Ron made his usual superb crab cakes, and we all snuggled in for a family movie night ("My Cousin Vinny" -- love Marisa Tomei!!). We turned on the underwater lights later, and enjoyed watching the fish from the aft cockpit...the water is so clear and beautiful here. Ron has decided that so far, retirement agrees with him!!

All the silversides attracted to the underwater lights

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