Monday, July 13, 2009

More Diving!

Photos: Pelinaion courtesy William Schell. Boiler by Alan Marquardt. Pelinaion's propeller by Meeeshu.

The Greek steamer, Pelinaion, was built in 1907 by Russell &
Company, Port Glasgow, for Hill SS. Company, Ltd. and
originally named Hill Glen. She was 385 feet in length.

We dove the wreck of the Pelinaion again today, this time with Ally along. It was like an entirely new dive site today, since we entered the water above a different section of the big ship and saw a great deal more than we had the first time. The visibility was better too, which was nice. Ron has yet to take out his camera gear (vis having been so poor), but I found some images online of the wreck to give everyone an idea of what is down there. The photo of the propeller doesn't do it justice, as it is absolutely HUGE...each blade has to be 6' or 8' long!! Big ship=BIG propeller!!

The Pelinaion's boiler

Small photo of the propeller

Post-dive, we had a quiet family evening with dinner aboard and movie night watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. We just love Sean Connery in his role as Dr. Henry Jones, Sr...a fun nod with a twist to his James Bond days!

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