Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cousin Jordan is here!


Sign on the dinghy dock at the airport -
but note the padlock and chain on the gate

We have Karyn's niece Jordan from Wisconsin aboard for a few days; she arrived in the afternoon and we zipped over to the airport on the other side of Castle Harbor in the dinghy to pick her up. Of course, in true Bermudian fashion, the dinghy dock is a well-built concrete structure and oh-so-conveniently right across from the airport's main entrance, and despite the welcoming sign....the gate at the end of the dock is padlocked! So, we bootlegged it a bit ("Pirates!") and scaled the fence. Nothing like greeting your guest, then walking across the street and forcing her to toss her bag over the fence, climb over it, and into a rocking dinghy. Welcome to Bermuda!

We took Jordan to Charles Island and Castle Island, where we climbed up the ruins and cliffs overlooking the sea. We all jumped off the north side of Castle Island -- medals for bravery for the 20' drop -- and swam for a bit before a relaxing dinner of grilled tuna (our catch from the crossing), corn casserole, roasted asparagus and salad. Afterwards, of course, we watched "Captain Ron". Jordan had never seen it before, and it is, of course, required viewing aboard Equinox!!

Jordan and Ally on Charles Island

View of Castle Island from Charles Island

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