Thursday, July 2, 2009

Still offshore, Day 4

Not the view we wanted to see...

I went off watch at midnight, and couldn’t wait. I was so exhausted; the seas were really rollicking, and I was tired of those jolting moments of needing to hang on just to stay in the helm chair. We were being chased by storm squalls, taking spray over the pilothouse roof as I headed down below. I never heard the storms arrive as I was out like a stone as soon as my head hit the pillow. Two seconds later, my alarm was going off while I had no idea where I was or what was going on….except that it was merely my turn for watch again at 0400. Talk about groggy!! Whew, starting watch, I was in a fog of my own, which wasn’t helped by the limited visibility the storms were providing. The only good thing about the heavy rain was that it calmed the seas, so we’re riding much more comfortably now. Plus, it did give Equinox a good wash down, which was definitely needed after all the spray last night! Ron must have been as tired as I was, since he didn’t stay long to chat but fled to the cabin himself after I arrived in the pilothouse. I’m finally waking up a bit here now that I’ve managed to get some coffee made, but my watch is nearly over. The sky is a solid steel gray, with the water merely a darker shade of the same gunmetal at 7:30 in the morning. No sun, barely any light, except at moments when I’m startled by a streak of incredibly white lightning splitting the sky. Not exactly a warm inviting summer day, but I am warmed by the chart-plotter, which is still saying we’ll arrive tomorrow in Bermuda! Yay!! And, I suspect, since it’s calmer, Ron will be putting out the fishing lines again -- just because he can -- when he’s up again. Goodness knows where we’ll put any fish; I pretty much decimated my supply of Zip-loc bags freezing all the tuna on Monday!

Dolphins cavorting around the boat yesterday

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