Monday, July 20, 2009

Bermuda Raft-up!

After a morning of anchoring and moving (4 times!) in search of internet access, we took our dinghy Eclipse over to Castle Roads, swam in the amazing turquoise waters and joined a raft-up with the McHargs aboard Commocean, and their friends Scott and Helene aboard their new 32' Cabo, Shindig, which only recently arrived from the States. Love these impromtu parties!! We enjoyed a lovely cook-out, being joined by Justin, his mother Donna, and Kathy, Joe and their son Brian, aboard Justified. Before the evening was out, everyone ended up aboard Equinox for after dinner cocktails: dark 'n' stormies, or rum and cokes. To answer the pressing question a la Captain Jack Sparrow: "Where has the rum gone?" Well, now we know, since Bermudians like their rum!! Clearly, we like it too. Gosling's Black Seal Black Rum is amazing...

Karyn swimming at Castle Roads

Shindig rafted up with Commocean to port

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