Sunday, July 12, 2009

Diving Day!!

Finally the winds have settled down and we were able to dive today. While Ally slept in, Ron and Karyn went out to the site of the wreck of the Pelinaion and enjoyed a lovely dive there. The reef structure is amazing....often going straight up from the depths, it's easy to see how ships could get caught unawares and get in trouble in a hurry. Later in the afternoon, we dove the wreck of the Rita Zovetta, a 400' cargo steamer that went down off St. David's Light in 1923, enroute from Poti on the Black Sea to Baltimore (!) carrying a load of manganese ore. The ship is so huge...and a bit unsettling to see the immense engines silent amid the twisted wreckage of thick steel plating. Amazing -and sad- to think that the ship was once a viable, working vessel. A cool dive site, all in all!! While the visibility wasn't great today, it will settle down if weather permits, and we are looking forward to more dives!!

After the diving, we raced back to the boat to ready ourselves for a lovely dinner party at the McHarg's, which was fabulous, dining on their back patio open in the summer night. The Bermuda peepers were singing and the night air was so soft; it was amazing!! Riding back to the boat in the dinghy, the air was so flower-scented and lovely that I couldn't get enough of it; Ron and I enjoyed having Ally at the helm while we were cruising back under the stars. Ron's really starting to get the hang of this retirement thing!!

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